Bills/Jets, Limited Seats, Buffalo Closet, Kenny and Joanie in Town!

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills Fans!

Ugh, another rough game. Not an awful game for Allen, but not one of his best. Unlike past Bills quarterbacks, those games stick in his head and he uses them to get better, so am hoping for a rebound game this Sunday as the 4-2 Bills take on the NJ Jets. The Jets are currently 0-6 and appear to have mailed it in this season. That said, it also makes them a dangerous team, and the Bills defense has me extremely concerned. Other than a bye week, this is the sort of game the Bills needed after playing two elite teams.

Kickoff is at 1pm, and Public House has a good size crowd for this game (we all love our 1pm starts) with only a handful of tables left so jump now if you want a seat. As added fun, Bills Super Fans Kenny Johnson (Pinto Ron) and Joanie will be in attendance!

We also got word that the company Buffalo Closet is going to be there featuring some vintage Bills gear for sale. You can check out their site at

Current Standings
New York: 4-2
New Jersey: 1-11


Matt “Talkin Proud’ and want a sweep of the Jets” Kabel