AFC Championship, Few Seats Remain @ Penn 6

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills fans!

That is the first time I’ve ever been able to write that email subject line, and I can’t tell you how amazing it feels. It’s finally here, the Bills will play this weekend for the AFC Championship against the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs. I know a lot of us would have preferred the Browns, but this is the way it’s supposed to happen. Buffalo and KC are the best two teams in the conference, led by the best two quarterbacks and the best coaches.

Mahomes is gonna play, don’t even let your mind ponder what will happen if he doesn’t. A lot is also being made of his foot injury. Don’t buy that either. This is going to be a literal clash of titans and the game won’t be over until the final gun sounds. Have you called out Monday yet?

We’ve all been waiting 25 years for this, and it’s happening! As I mentioned earlier this week, due to Public House shutting their doors we’ll all be meeting at Penn 6. There are already 100 fans with reserved seats, and only a few remaining! If you want those last seats, email ASAP.

I can’t wait to see those going Sunday Night, there won’t be any place louder than us Bills fans on 31st Street….as Steve Tasker said, it’s gonna be chilly.

LET’S GO BUFFALO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt “Talkin’ proud and KC is going down” Kabel