Public House Closed, Moving to Penn 6

Hello all you 2,200 NYC Bills fans!

For the first time in over 25 years our Buffalo Bills are headed to the AFC Championship! If you remember back when McDermott was hired, I said in his 4th year we should be making a legit Super Bowl run, and here we are. The defense has been stellar, if they continue to play this well and the offense opens up again I don’t think there’s a team that can beat us.

Unfortunately, shortly after the Bills victory over the Ravens we got some pretty crappy news. Public House has been forced to close their doors permanently. It was surprising, but not fully unexpected. Such a massive venue in the middle of a currently desolate commercial area in midtown Manhattan can’t survive with all the restrictions that have been put on them, especially with an unforgiving landlord.

It really sucks, the wonderful Public House team went out of their way to accommodate our fans this year despite all the restrictions on NYC restuarants. In only two years they have become like family, and it’s hard to see them close their doors. It also sucks that it was the perfect venue for us and we expected to remain there long-term.

The good news is that much of the staff are being reallocated to other partner restaurants. The owners, who I spoke with directly today, already have their eyes on some new spaces and fully expect to have a new large-venue home for us before next season.

In the meantime for this week, as Coach McDermott says – FIND A WAY

The owners are again going out of their way for us knowing how huge this game is. They are relocating many of the assets from Public House to another one of their bars, Pennsylvania 6, and will be expanding their outdoor footprint to be as large as we had at PH (at least). The GM there is even a fellow diehard Bills fan and is super excited to have us come over.

It’s located on 31st Street between 6th/7th Avenue. We actually filled it with Bills fans on Thansgiving weekend for the Chargers game so they know the drill. There’s also some familiar faces from Public House who’ll be working there.

Reservations will kick off tomorrow (Tuesday) at noon and the process remains the same – $60/head minimum, at least 4 people per table, and you can email to book your spot and/or ask questions.

We hope to see many of you there this Sunday evening as we PLAY FOR THE AFC CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

LET’S GO BUFFALO!! (Did you take Monday off yet?!)

Matt “Talkin’ Proud and COVID Sucks” Kabel