NYCBBB Goes Gold for Pediatric Cancer Awareness

What’s with the gold colored background you ask? has gone gold to raise awareness of pediatric cancer.

Why go gold?

As many of you already know, NYCBBB co-founder Matt Kabel’s baby daughter Sally has been battling Leukemia for a little over a year. We’ve all been following along on their site,, and Facebook page, and trying to help when we can.

Recently, there was a request for the Empire State Building to light up gold to raise awareness of childhood cancer. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Not only was the request rejected, but it was done on a cold impersonal letterhead template. The same Empire State Building that went green for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, won’t go gold for sick children.

Parents’ and friends’ appeals on the Empire State Building Facebook page haven’t been ignored. They’ve been deleted. Heartless.

There is an ongoing campaign to change this. #empiregogold is gaining steam on Facebook and Twitter. And beyond just online. Matt and Nicole were interviewed on Fox 5. The Today’s Show aired a segment on the campaign with a bunch of supporters rallying on. The Daily News ran a story of Bay Ridge City Councilman Vincent Gentile’s own appeal being ignored.

Lets help. I ask you fellow NYCBBBers to get behind the effort and get the Empire State Building to have a heart and go gold. Spread the word.