Hello all,

I would like to apologize for the spam email you received from American Sports Media trying to sell you Bills Digest. We are not clear on how they got a hold of the email addresses of our NYC Bills Backers, and a stern email was sent to them stating that they did not have permission to have those email addresses nor send an email to them! Matt and I have gone to great lengths to ensure the privacy of our members, and are outraged about this. We have never, nor intend to, use the addresses for anything other than NYCBBB related information. We will look into legal action against those who abuse the list of addresses in the future.

That being said…on to fun stuff!

We are experimenting with different wing sauces to get that true Buffalo Wing taste. We are very close to perfecting it, but if anybody out there has a good recipe, please send it to us!

Save the Date
As I stated last week, McFadden’s will be televising the Bills-Titans pre-season game on August 16th at 8pm. There will be a booze/wing special. This will be a great warm up for the season, and also a great warm up for a great Saturday night out in Manhattan!

We’d like to get some official driving directions between Buffalo and Manhattan for our members. Please email me if you have directions that you think are the fastest between the Queen City and NYC!

Anybody else out there fired up for Sahlen Hot Dog and Beef on Weck nights???

— Matt Kabel