4 Days

Hello all 678 Bills Fans!

4 days. That’s all that separates us from the start of the 2004 Buffalo Bills Training Camp. Most of my friends get excited when they hear Pictures and Catchers, however my heart begins to thump with excitement (its rhythm to the Buffalo Bills Shout Song) as I hear the simple but meaningful words of Bills Training Camp. Now, that off-season wasn’t so bad was it? Yes…I know it was too.

The Miami Dolphins have reportedly contacted the Bills about trading for Travis Henry to replace retired running back Ricky Williams. Hang on…just one second…


Training Camp
As I said, Training Camp starts this week. We’ll get to see how our rookies progress (including JP Losman and Lee Evans) and who wins the coveted Left Guard Spot (between Marques Sullivan, Mike Pucillo, and Ross Tucker probably).

And as always, keep checking www.billsdaily.com for news.

Lauren Belfer
I’d like to take this time to welcome the author of City of Light, Lauren Belfer, to NYCBBB. Assemblyman Sam Hoyt yet again went out of his way for us and introduced Lauren and I. She lives in NYC and I have given her freedom to promote both City of Light and her current project to our group as she deems fit. She’s a great person and has even given me some Buffalo history lessons which I enjoy! Does anybody have any suggestions/requests of Lauren for a possible event during one of the games at McFadden’s? Maybe a book-signing or a Q and A? Let me know your thoughts and I will pass them onto her.

Dan Simmons
Speaking of Buffalo authors, I have begun reading yet another book that is set in Buffalo and written by a former Buffalonian. Hard Case by Dan Simmons is set in modern day Buffalo and is about an ex-PI doing some investigating for the Italian Mob. Of course the head mob guy lives in Orchard Park and the main character goes to Teds Hot Dogs downtown for his first meal after getting out of prison. Its an understatement to say the novel is the other extreme compared to City of Light, but a great read non-the-less. There is also a sequel to the book, which I will probably read next and let you know all about.

Wing Sauce
So I tried Franks’ new Buffalo Wing Sauce and I love it! I picked it up at Food Emporium, so if you guys could pick up a bottle and let me know what you think, it’d be a great help in us deciding what to do about the wings this year.

I saw a guy today wearing a Miami Dolphins shirt and hat. I didn’t know whether to feel pity, or humor. I’m sorry, but I went with humor.

— Matt “talkin proud and loving these thunderstorms!” Kabel