McFadden’s Specials and Updates

Hello all 685 NYC Bills fans!

Everybody enjoying this cooler weather we’re having today? I was sweating yesterday as Matt Soreco and I met with McFadden’s staff to finalize most aspects of the 2004 Buffalo Bills season at McFadden’s. Not to worry though, a few Ginger Ale n’ Jack Daniels cooled me right down.

This is a LONG email…with TONS of info about the upcoming season, pre-season, and new things you will see at McFadden’s:

2004 Drink/Wing Specials

Hmm…what else is new?
Ahhh….McFadden’s will now open its doors at 11:30 for us on 1:00 game days! They cannot serve you booze, but you can come in, get a bite to eat, have some coffee, and watch the pre-game show (which will now be on with sound before EVERY game) until that magical time of 12:00 noon hits and the booze will be-a-flowin! Rewards are being discussed for those of you die hard fans that get there at 10:30 each week!

In regards to seating, McFadden’s will now be setting up tables in the back lounge, and will be adding another TV in that area.

Speaking of the back area, McFadden’s will be opening up the back lounge bar for us on Sundays. You’ll be able to get both beer and hard booze there to cut down on the demand at the main bar, which will also free up the wait staff to the dining room.

To the dining room. (this email is flowing quite well, is it not?) McFadden’s is installing a brand new projector and screen for us in there! They will be turning the old one around and we have the option of showing the game on 2 (that’s TWO!) big screens!

McFadden’s is also finalizing a special NYCBBB food menu that will have all of that great fried food that we football lovers NEED to inhale while watching the greatest sport on earth (besides curling). Beef-on-Weck and Sahlen’s hot dogs will also be available. To you Rochester natives…a Garbage Plate Night is in the works!

And to you vegetarians….WE DID NOT FORGET YOU! There will be salads and veggies on the menu.

We have created a solid overflow plan since McFadden’s could get packed as we approach 700 members. Calico Jacks, which is RIGHT next door, will be offering the exact same specials with the Bills game on their big screen with the sound. If the crowd of McFadden’s is too much for you, you can head of there for a quieter atmosphere.
To help with overflow, Matt and I asked McFadden’s to supply us with a doorman. The role of this doorman will be to sell bracelets, prevent drinks from leaving the bar, promote overflow over to Calico Jacks, and to greet you as you come in.

McFadden’s is also excited to start rewarding those who show up and buy the specials each week with prizes. A “Secret Grand Prize” is in the works for one lucky member.

The NYCBBB tailgate at the Meadowlands for the New Jersey Jets/Bills game will once again occur in Lot 16-C. Plan are underway to throw one hell of a party and McFadden’s will do its part in donating some food and beer (we promise it to work this time!) to our cause.

Pre Season Games
NFL Network will be televising all pre-season games, but only one Bills game will be live. The Denver Broncos/Buffalo Bills game on August 15th at 7pm will be televised at McFadden’s with the special. This will allow us to attempt a dry run for the season. We’ll let you know about the other games in the near future.

Training Camp Updates
Matt Soreco will be gracing your inbox’s with training camp updates each week until the season begins. Also, check out for up-to-date news.

Monday QB Club
The Buffalo Bills Monday QB Club is offering us an Associate membership plan that you may be interested in. For $30 you can become an Associate Member of the group. Membership includes a MQC hat, Official media guide($12 value), a window decal, a pin, newsletters as well as other special mailings throughout the year. As a group they meet the Monday after Bills home games at the HSBC Arena Harbor Club for lunch. Associate members are welcome to join the Club for lunch if they are ever in Buffalo for just $20. One of its newest members includes me! Please check out this link for more details

I think that’s enough info for one email! let us know your thoughts on our improvements!

— Matt “talkin proud and nursing a hangover” Kabel