Baltimore Ravens

What a difference a win makes! Feels a little better this week, eh?

The win didn’t come without incident though. Sam Adams was seen in a heated exchange with Jerry Gray and Tim Krumrie after being taken in out in favor or Ron Edwards. Edwards didn’t look too shabby… Hopefully, this won’t cause any unneeded distractions.

This week, the Bills will try to roll right through a Jamal Lewis-less Ravens. Mularkey said in a press conference that Travis is still the #1 back, although Willis will be getting more carries than before last game. It’s not bad having two quality backs fighting it out trying to prove themselves.

I can’t wait to get Milloy and Vincent back!

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Fan of the Week
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New Rule
McFadden’s has asked us to help enforce a rule they have about standing up on the furniture. Actually, it’s an old rule that they just never enforced. I know (especially since I’m the #1 offender) that it gets crowded and you get into the game. Lets try to keep our feet off the booths. And if you see me doing it, throw something at me.

Something tells me that this week’s game is going to be a lot more crowded than it was last week. Remember, doors open at 11am (or very shortly after). So to avoid the rush for armbands at 1, we suggest you get there early. Seats are also taken up quickly, so if you want a seat, get there early. We have the ESPN pregame on, so you can sit back and relax before gametime.

See you Sunday,

— Matt Soreco