Hello all 713 Bills fans!

I’m getting over a cold and kind of out of it…so if this email doesn’t flow as well as they traditionally do, chalk it up to a cloudy head! Because of this cold, I missed out on Sunday at McFadden’s. I am hearing amazing reviews about the “Sounds of the Game”, if anybody taped it, please let me know!

On Friday, Matt and I headed over to McFadden’s to do a food tasting. A few of us sat down and the staff filled the table with all different kinds of foods that we requested for the NYCBBB food menu. We also sampled 3 different kinds of wing sauces, and agreed that Franks’ new Buffalo Wing sauce is the best one, and will probably be using that one from now on for the mild wings, and adding spices to it for hotter wings. The beef on weck was very good, and so was everything else on the menu. Of course, we will leave it to all of you to let us know how everything is!

As I said, McFadden’s plans on opening the bar in back and adding a 3rd bartender. They are exploring the option of hiring one of our members to staff that bar on Sundays. If you meet the following requirements and are interested in bartending at McFadden’s on Sundays during Bills games, please email me:

1) a Bills fan
2) 2 years or more of solid bartending experience
3) are available to work EVERY SUNDAY that there is a Bills game shown at McFadden’s

Again, email me only if you meet ALL of these requirements.

Bills/Colts – Sunday
The Bills/Colts pre-season game will be televised on Sunday night at 9pm. McFadden’s will show the game with sound and offer the optional specials from 7pm until the end of the game.

If you will be attending, please RSVP a “Hell Yeah!” to Matt Soreco.


Changing e-mail addresses
I receive requests from many of you to change your email address or to take you off completely. In the future, simply click on the link at the bottom of every NYCBBB email to remove your old address, and sign up with your new address at

OK…this is my last email until I return from WNY/London. Matt Soreco is fully in charge, so please email him any questions/concerns. Just think, the next time you receive an email from me, it will be in regards to the season opener! Have fun during the convention week with all the traffic and protestors, I’ll be laughing at you from Buffalo!

Go Bills!

— Matt “talkin proud and need to go back to bed!” Kabel