Hello all!

Kordell Stewart is in Buffalo and wants to be a Bill…what did I tell you???

Matt Soreco and I met with McFadden’s staff last night and went over the results of the survey you answered a few weeks ago. All comments and suggestions were discussed and we have set a plan of action for NYCBBB at McFadden’s next year. Additional staff, a football food menu, improved specials, Bills/Yankees ticket give-aways, a bar for overflow, and more seating is on the way! And don’t worry you vegetarian Bills fans, we didn’t forget you either!

We are still in the process of fine tuning things, and I need some input from you concerning the nectar of life….BEER! We have agreed to do away with the bottle special and add another Buffalo style beer to the selection to make life easier. This is the choice you have to make, would you rather have:

A) Labatt Blue Light on tap in addition to Labatt Blue
B) Genny Cream Ale on tap
C) Genny Light on tap
D) Genny Cream Ale bottles
E) Genny Light bottles

Email me with your top two (2) choices in the order you want to have them.

— Matt “talkin proud and fired up about next year’s upgrades at McFadden’s!” Kabel