Hello all,

Looks like the Bills are in a holding pattern until after April’s draft. We did manage to sign DT Oliver Gibson to add depth behind Sam Adams and Pat Williams. It was also reported that IF Kordell Stewart signs, he will return to his days of being “Slash” and be used in every game as a WR and RB with Bledsoe under center. Henry, McGahee, Slash…this is going to be one hell of an exciting offense IF it pans out that way. Of course, who knows if it will be successful….

OK…thank you for all your input about the beer at McFadden’s…I have two more (I hope) questions for you to answer. Here are the 3 possible beer combinations you could see at McFadden’s next year. I could not ignore all the Molson write-ins so I give in!!! Please pick 1 (one) that you would like to see:

a) Labatt Blue, Labatt Blue Light, Molson Canadian on tap
b) Labatt Blue Light and Molson Canadian on tap and Genny Light bottles
c) Labatt Blue and Labatt Blue Light on tap and Genny Light bottles.

and also, tell me which 1 (one) beer you plan on drinking the most of. I’ll try to get the results in place before the Draft Party on April 24th.

Poetic Justice
I am meeting up with some college buddies tonight for happy hour. Ironically, we will be meeting at Brother Jimmies on the upper East Side, former home of the NYC Bills Backers! I laugh every time I go in there and think how they threw out the original Bills fans 5 years and how they must be kicking themselves now!

— Matt “talkin proud and sick of this cold and rainy weather!!” Kabel