Back from Buffalo

Hello all,

Eating a ‘Danny’s Special’ sub from Wegmans as I type this email. The fat lady refuses to sing as the Bills look to continue their winning streak in New England this Sunday night at 8:30pm. Come down to McFadden’s and watch Willis McGahee go for his 4th 100 yard rushing game of the season!

NYCBBB trip to Buffalo
I think most of us our back now. 60 members traveled to Buffalo this weekend to see the Bills kick the crap out of the NJ Jets. We went for a tour of the stadium on Saturday and spent a good 20 minutes hanging out on the field! Boy its WINDY down there! Afterwards, we headed across the street to Danny’s Bar and Restaurant for Happy Hour. The Happy Hour was made quite interesting as retired Bills including Hall of Famer Joe DeLamielleure, Tight End Mark Brammer, and WR Lou “LOOOOUU” Piccone stopped by to hang out with us. Pictures were taken, autographs were signed, and interesting stories were shared. I could have fit my entire hand into Joe D’s Hall of Fame ring! They were such great, down to earth guys and everybody had a great time hanging out with them. I was trying to get Lou and Mark down to NYC some weekend so they could hang out at McFadden’s, so we’ll see. I want to personally thank Mark Brammer for getting the Bills Alumni together to hang out with our group!

Most of us tailgated at the Pinto where the majority of our members saw what is the most outrageous tailgate party in the country. I saw some members eat wings cooked on the hood of the Pinto (cough…Kevin Smith…cough) and pizza made in a filing cabinet. I think the reactions varied after seeing the Ketchup Opening ceremony. Don’t ask me to explain it, words cannot grasp the experience. We also met Jeff and George who run the Boston Bills Backers, and are looking forward to working with them as Buffalonians overtake the Northeast. We were thinking of challenging them to a softball game this summer, so Yankee fans, get ready for some revenge!

The game was great as the temperatures felt like they were in the upper 50’s with plenty of sun and wind. I had great seats down low on the 50 yard line thanks to Ryan Thompson’s dad. We could see Ralph Wilson from our staircase, and at the end of the game the old man had his hands in the air with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. Why this man is not in the Hall of Fame I will never understand.

The trip was a MAJOR success and we look forward to making next year’s even better! We should have some pictures up by Thursday and will send them then. If you have any, send them to soreco at

Last year McFadden’s ordered 250 NYCBBB shirts and sold them out in 3 weeks, after which many complained that they couldn’t get one. This year they ordered 500 and haven’t sold many. Please pick up one of these great shirts for $15 at the bar.

Fan of the Week
Here is our fan of the week for last week’s Dolphin’s game, no surprise here. And yes, that REALLY is Kevin Smith’s hair in the background.

Halloween Pics
Here are pictures from last week’s Halloween game against the Dolphins. No, that’s not me wearing the Hawaiian Skirt and shirt standing next to Tim Russert….it’s a Matt Kabel look-a-like….yeah..that’s it….

Can we beat the Pats? The only way to beat them is to play smash mouth football and run it right at them without making mistakes. Give the ball to Willis, Mike…just give the ball to Willis…

— Matt “talkin proud and talkin upset” Kabel