Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets Round 2!

Hello all you 824 Bills fans!

If the Red Sox can win the World Series, and George W. Bush can overcome the Washington Redskins curse…then surely the Bills can end their streak of not making the playoffs!!!

The Bills take on the New Jersey Jets in Orchard Park this Sunday at 1:00pm. Over 60 of us will be heading to Western New York for the game so rest of you should head to McFadden’s. Also, the NYC Marathon is on Sunday so take public transportation, avoid the FDR, and come on in to root for the Bills as well as the runners!

NYCBBB trip to Buffalo
Yesterday, I emailed specifics to those who RSVP’d for the trip to Buffalo and tour of the stadium, if you didn’t receive it; please let me know by replying to this email.

Also, I have 4 tickets to sell at face value for this sell-out game if anybody is interested. Please email me.

Roswell Park
There will be a representative from Roswell Park in McFadden’s on November 28th during the Seattle Seahawks game. We will officially donate the $1,100 we raised for them. If anybody wants to make up one of those big checks, let me know. We’d like a big crowd there, so please mark the date on your calendars.

Bills News
Did you know that Terrence McGee was AFC Special Teams player of the week? Check out www.billsdaily.com for all your Bills news!

J – E – T – S

— Matt “talkin proud and fired up to be heading to the Queen City” Kabel