Go Buffalo Bills! I need tickets!

Hello all 865 Bills fans!

Can they be stopped? The Bills have now won 9 of their last 11 including the last 6 games, rocketing them into the top of the playoff race! The Bills got a TON of help with Ravens and Jaguars losing their games yesterday.

This Sunday, the Bills take on the #1 seed Pittsburg Steelers at Ralph Wilson Stadium. The Steelers have nothing left to play for, and several key players (including Big Ben) will not be playing. It’s hard to believe, but they will make the playoffs if they beat the Steelers and either Denver Broncos or the NY Jets lose. Basically, we need to root for the Colts and the Rams!

Do you believe it?

I need 4 tickets together for the Steelers game. If I can accomplish getting those, I will have two to sell. If I can’t get 4, I’d love 2 as close to Sec 118 as possible. PLEASE HELP ME OUT! Email me or call my cell 917-279-6798.

I received 40 RSVP’s for yesterday’s game at McFadden’s. Over 150 of you showed up! We drank all of the Labatt, Molson and Stella in the place!

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The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.” — Marv Levy

— Matt “talkin proud and will be loud for all of us at The Ralph on Sunday” Kabel