Pittsburgh Steelers

Hello 870 Bills Fans,

Yes, that’s right. 870. We’re taking the city over by storm! “Little Buffalo” isn’t so little anymore!

Sunday is do or die time for the surging Bills. They go up against the 14-1 Steelers, who have their playoff situation all locked up. Will the Steelers come out in full force? Well that’s been a debate in the press lately. Some say yes, while others say they’ll rest their starters. Either way, the Bills D is on a tear, the offense is producing, and the playoffs are in reach. The Steelers better beware!!!

The Bills playoff fate isn’t solely in the Bills hands though! Yes they have to win, but the win must be accompanied by EITHER a Jets or Broncos loss.

Jets vs. Rams
The Jets are playing the Rams at 1pm in St. Louis. The Rams playoff hopes are still alive, which means they’re going to put up a fight. Will the “greatest show on turf” live up to their name? Did Kyle Turley’s death threat to Coach Martz scare him straight? Since this game if so crucial, we plan to show it on a few TVs! There will be signage to let you know which TVs will be showing this game.

Colts vs. Broncos
The Broncos are playing the Colts at 4:15pm in Denver. Like the Steelers, the Colts have their playoff situation all locked up. It’ll remain to be seen if they’ll make a game of this or just rest up for the playoffs, although Coach Dungy recently told the Indy Star, “We’re going out there to win. I would like to win No. 13. We’d like to go into the playoffs with a nine-game winning streak. There are a lot of things that we want to do in terms of keeping that momentum and continuing to be sharp.”

Hopefully the Rams will have helped seal our playoff berth by this time, but if not, we’ll surely get this game on the tubes.

We urge you to get to McFadden’s early if you would like a seat at the bar or the tables. Doors open at 11:30. We expect a big crowd.

Do you Billieve?
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NYCBBB Documentary
In case you missed it… Member Dan Schulman shot a documentary about our group a while back. The official site picked up his video for all to see. Check it out!

Matt, Kevin, Ryan, Michelle, Anna, Phil and I would like to wish all of you a happy and safe new year!

See you Sunday!

— Matt Soreco