Buffalonian is American Idol finalist!

Hello all!

The Bills have signed their first free agent, Right Guard Chris Villarrial from the Chicago Bears. Chris played 8 years for the Bears and started 109 out of 116 games, and is the tough and solid lineman Coach Mularkey loves. Look for the Bills to sign a left guard to replace Ruben Brown and a center in the near future. Chris Bober, former NY Giants center, will be visiting this week. Troy Vincent, CB for the Eagles, was here yesterday. For up-to-date news, please check www.billsdaily.com

Buffalonian on American Idol
The hit TV reality show American Idol is now down to two contestants, and one of them happens to be a Buffalonian! Idol John Stevens, resident of East Amherst, is a Frank Sinatra clone with red hair who led all voters in last night’s polling.

Fish Fry
I asked last email where to get a good fish fry in NYC, and many of you agreed on one place! Chip Shot in Park Slope was the hands down winner. The honorable mention was The Landmark Tavern on 11th and 48th Street.

— Matt “talkin proud and praying for the Bills to sign a center” Kabel