Ruben Released

Hello all 657 Bills fans!

The Buffalo Bills released 7-time Pro-Bowler Ruben Brown today. This means that the Bills will be very active in Free Agency starting THIS Wednesday and the upcoming draft in terms of offensive line. Also sounds like the Drew Henson deal is falling through, so keep an eye on the Bills to maybe select North Carolina State QB Philip Rivers. Don’t be surprised if we pick up Kordell Stewart as a back-up to Drew Bledsoe. Stewart excelled under Head Coach Mike Mularkey in Pittsburgh. Yeah yeah yeah…quit your groaning! Please check for up to minute news!

Fish Fry
I noticed a post on our message board about where to get a good Buffalo-Style fish fry, especially during the season of Lent. Anybody have a good spot by them, whether you are in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Jersey, CT? Please let me know!

Oh yeah…I got laughed at by some New Yorkers for saying “fish fry” because I guess they call it Fish and Chips here. Ugh…brought me back to my college days when I was laughed at for saying ‘pop.’

Thanks to Tim McNally and other members for giving me advice on the mirror. I was able to hang it by the end of last week! See? SEE??? We Buffalonians CAN help each other! Use the message board to communicate with your fellow fans!

If you could have one ‘Buffalo beer’ other than Labatt Blue, what would you want?

Draft Party
Another reminder! Draft Party – April 24th! Drink specials, wings, beer… there!

— Matt “talkin proud and leaving work early to enjoy this splendid weather!” Kabel