Classic Game at McFadden’s!

Hello all you 647 Bills Fans (6 new ones!),

I am 100 pages into Tim Russert’s new book Big Russ and Me, and am enjoying it. I think all of us could relate to Russert’s childhood in one way or another as he talks about growing up in South Buffalo, the Broadway Market, Crystal Beach, the OLV Cathedral, Fish Fries at Hoaks, and Buffalo’s most influential person of the 20th Century, Fr. Baker. I’ll let you know more when I finish it. Please visit his website for more information

Classic Games
Last year we showed the Houston Comeback game at McFadden’s and had a drink special to go along with it. Please let me know if you have any classic games on tape (NOT SUPER BOWLS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!) or if there is a game you’d love to see. We’d like to have a Second Annual Bills Classic Game Night at McFadden’s in the near future!

Trip to Buffalo for the Jets Game
WOW, I have over 30 email addresses from you guys and 6 from our Washington DC Backers that want to go on a pilgrimage to our Holy Land for the Bills/Jets game on November 7th. If you haven’t emailed me with interest, please do so.

Buffalo Philharmonic
Thanks again to all of you have bought tickets to the Buffalo Philharmonic’s performance at Carnegie Hall on June 6th. For those of you that haven’t, ticket prices range from $20-57 with a discount for our members. Tickets can be ordered through CarnegieCharge at (212) 247-7800. Don’t forget to mention Code (BPOP) to receive your discount. Great seats are still available, but don’t wait too long! Come on out and support one of Buffalo’s great cultural icons!!!

I was going through old boxes this weekend and came across my Bills memorabilia from years ago. My girlfriend said to me “Boy, you really HAVE been a Bills fan since you were a kid”…I turned to her and said “Since I was in the womb Nicole, since I was in the womb”

— Matt “talkin proud and J.P. to Lee, Seven, Not Three!!!!” Kabel