New E-mail Addresses

Hello all 649 of you (will we EVER reach 650?)

Yes, we all know this is a slow off-season. Why not use the free time to read the local Western New York papers and catch up on what’s happening there? I would also like to announce that I am now an official Buffalo Bills Season Ticket Holder. Member Mike Jason and I decided to split 2 seats and each picked 4 games. You have no idea of the high I felt when the deal went through. I’ll be in section 118 row 18 on the aisle if you ever want to swing by and say hello!

New E-mail Addresses
Due to the increase in volume of emails between Matt, I, and all you wonderful Bills fans, we have decided to create NYCBBB email addresses for us to improve interaction with our members. We really do read every email you send, and reply to 99% of them. Please use the following email addresses to reach us:

Matt Kabel — mattk at
Matt Soreco — soreco at

I have been told than several of you have bought tickets to the Buffalo Philharmonic’s performance at Carnegie Hall on June 6th. Again, tickets can be bought through CarnegieCharge at (212) 247-7800. Don’t forget to mention Code (BPOP) to receive your discount.

Please email me if you are attending.

Big Russ and Me
Just finished reading Big Russ and Me. I have to say that I LOVED the book and all of you should take the time to read it! It has received great reviews not only from Buffalonians, but nationally and gives the Queen City the great press it deserves. Check out the website for more details:

Classic Game
Thanks to all of you who offered classic Bills games on tape. Matt and I are trying to pick one that most people would enjoy watching, possibly the 51-3 rout of the Raiders in the AFC Championship game.

— Matt ‘talkin proud and realized my new season tickets don’t count as a present for my girlfriend’s birthday today!’ Kabel