Thank you and Cleveland Browns

Hello 838 Bills Fans,

What an exciting team, huh? The playoff picture is a little clearer now – and more realistic. Can you taste it!?!?

Raffle Update
We want to thank everyone who participated in our 50/50 raffle. We exceeded our goal! The surplus will be put towards 2005 expenses. If you want to see how much was raised and what the money is being used for, you can check out our budget page:

A few people donated to us without participating in the raffle. Thanks so much! I cannot express how much we appreciate it.

The Bills take on the struggling Cleveland Browns this Sunday at 1pm. It’s the second week in a row that they take on a team with a mid-season coaching change.

There’s no quit in this team. I know they’re not going to take the Browns lightly. So you BETTER get on over to McFadden’s if you want to watch the Bills smudge the Browns!!!

I was trying all morning to think of something more clever than smudge, but still can’t figure out what the heck a Brown is… Sounds like a stain of some sort…

While You Were Out
Recognize the guy on the right?

If you ever watched The Learning Channel’s program While You Were Out, you’d know that’s Andrew, who’s a designer and carpenter on the show. He was on hand on Sunday watching the Bills fry the fish with the rest of us. Check out his bio:

Latest Pics
We’ve posted some pictures from the last few weeks. Check them out.
Squish the Fish:

Fan of the week
Here is last week’s fan of the week, Debbie:
This week’s fan of the week will be posted soon…

Well I want to see ALL of you on Sunday!!! We expect a BIG crowd, so be sure to get there early if you want to grab a seat!

— Matt Soreco