Cuts and a signing

Hello all,

Its official, the Bills have signed cornerback Troy Vincent to a 6-year deal. We got him dirt cheap, so I am happy with the move, as he he a great player and a solid character who will also help out Buffalo’s charities as well as our locker room.

Sad news (for me at least)…the Bills have released backup quarterback Alex Van Pelt. The Pill (or Ol’ Pudge as I called him) had been on the team since 1994, and has been my favorite player since Jim Kelly left. My other favorite Bill, Sam Gash, has been signed by the New Orleans Saints, so my Gash jersey looks to be headed to permanent retirement.

Man….looks like I have to buy a new jersey if Bledsoe doesn’t return to form!

Remember the Bills Titans game this year? That backup qb who torched us for 300 yards? Billy Volek was in town meeting with the Bills yesterday and could be our new backup QB.

The Bills may sign a qb who has had one good NFL game in his career….hmm…that sounds familiar….

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— Matt “talkin proud and going to cry myself to sleep tonight” Kabel