Van Pelt is back!

Hello all,

Happy Saint Patty’s Day to ya.. especially to you South Buffalo Irishmen/women! Have several hundred Guinesses for me! I plan on having one at lunch…maybe two….three…

Van Pelt
As I tearfully announced last night, Alex Van Pelt was released from the Bills. BUT, he was re-signed right after…as the color man on 97Rock with John Murphy! How great is that? In the words of Van Miller, ‘Do you believe in miracles?’

Looks like this is the kick in the rear I needed to work on getting 97Rock in McFadden’s on game days!

Draft Party
Yet ANOTHER reminder.. the draft party will be on April 24th. I am working on trying to get an appearance of a present or former Bill, but its been difficult. Will keep working on it! If you have any contacts, please let me know!

— Matt ‘talking proud and going to suck back some brewskies!’ Kabel