Draft Party and 2nd Year Anniversary

Hello all 642 Bills fans!

OK, my turn to try out this new email system that Matt Soreco implemented. It lists the number of members on our email list at the top so I can accurately show you how many of us Buffalonians are reading these emails in NYC. I never would have thought to do this, so we can all see what a great team Matt and I are! I’m trying to figure out how to work this damn thing, so bare with me! I’m numbering the topics cuz I have no clue how to put them in color like I usually do. Here we go…

1) Draft Party
Yes, I know we are pounding this into you, but this is the only off-season NYCBBB event we can guarantee doing to ease that suffering of the lack of our Bills and Buffalo. This is also NYCBBB’s 2nd Birthday, 20 members to 642 in two years! Who would have thought that there were that many of us here? And we’re still finding new members!

The party is this Saturday, which is supposed to be a beautiful day (hopefully we’ll be able to have those huge windows in front open!) so come into the city and hang out with your fellow Bills fans, drink some Labatt Blue (LIGHT), have some wings or a Sahlens Hot Dog, and feel like you’re back in Western New York for a few hours. Lets be honest here, this is a GREAT 7 hour special!

Also, we WILL have the Yankees/Red Sox game on as well as the draft. Here again are the specials:

From 12-7pm (During the ESPN Coverage)
$30 will get you all you can drink draft beer, including Labatt Blue AND Blue LIGHT!! The only beer not included is Guinness. This also includes all you can eat wings for those 7 hours! By purchasing the special, you will be entered into a raffle to win 2 tickets to an upcoming Yankees game! The winning ticket will be picked towards the end of the special.

Also, all mixed drinks (excluding top shelf and shots) will be $4 each. That includes Absolut, Captain Morgans, Jack Daniels, etc. (which I intend to be throwing back)

Sahlens hot dogs WILL be available for purchase.

2) BuffaloBills.com
www.buffalobills.com is re-launching their website with upgrades later today, be sure to check it out!

3) Bills Daily
Gonna be at work or away from the TV on Draft Day? Check out www.billsdaily.comfor up to minute picks and news throughout the entire draft!

4) Matt Soreco
Considering that our co-leader, Matt Soreco, will be getting married early this summer, this will be Matt’s last NYCBBB event before he takes the plunge…err..happy road of life! Be sure to give Matt your best wishes and buy him a shot!

This will be my girlfriend’s first trip to McFadden’s for a NYCBBB event, is it out of line for me to be a little scared of what she might witness?

— Matt “talkin proud and lookin to party with my fellow Bills fans!” Kabel