Help us help you!

Hello all,

Quiet off-season so far. The Bills are rounding out their coaching staff and yesterday hired Sam Wyche as QB coach. We all remember that Wyche was the head coach of the Bengals team that beat us in the AFC championship game back before our Super Bowl run. He has coached the likes of Joe Montana and Boomer Esiason, so he should work wonders for Drew Bledsoe.

When I had my meetings at One Bills Drive over Christmas, the Bills said that they were very impressed with our group and how big it has grown in just two years. They have decided that the Backers around the country are a resource that needs to be tapped, and NYCBBB is going to be the test subject for what they do with the rest of the country’s Bills fans.

We have put together a survey which I will send in 2 parts over the next few weeks. The first will be from the Bills main office, the second will be from us. I know, you’re all yelling at your screen right now because we all hate surveys, but I assure you it will do wonders for us if you answer them. Just hit reply and write your answers under the questions, or just write me a few lines summarizing your answers. I will send the first one after this email.

I am moving from Manhattan to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn this week. I will miss the 5-minute commute to work, but will enjoy the 5-minute commute to the golf course!

— Matt ‘talkin proud and becoming a Brooklyn Boy” Kabel