NYCBBB — Survey #2

Hello all!

Well, other than me falling down the stairs and banging up my legs, my move to Bay Ridge went as planned and am now a Brooklyn Boy. I actually met a Bills fan in a restaurant around the corner from my new place while grabbing lunch in the middle of moving, so I considered it a sign from the football gods that I made the right choice. I also consider it a sign that I have a golf course and an Outback Steakhouse walking distance from me. How great is that? Many of you said I will be regretting it after Bills games at McFadden’s on Sundays, and my reply is “that’s what cabs are for!”

OK…survey time!

Survey #2
It ends up that one of our members, Gavin Pratt, works for a company that uses online surveys. Gavin did us a huge favor by creating Survey #2 online! I give him due praise since adding all the results from the first survey was a pain in the butt. Here is the link to the survey which has more to do with NYCBBB/McFadden’s. This is a great chance to tell us what we need to do for next year, so please fill it out so we can serve you better.

Survey #1 Results
Thanks to everybody who replied! I spent 4 hours adding up the results of the first survey. Over 100 of you are interested in a trip to Buffalo for a game. Almost all of you want to fly, but you’re split down the middle whether it’d be a 2 or 3 day trip. You want t-shirts, sweatshirts, beer-holders (big shock there), stickers and other memorabilia. You want more info from the Bills including emails and get most of your news on the web. Many of you also said all you want is a Super Bowl victory. I sent the results to the Bills and they were VERY interested in our feedback.

Anybody else bored with the off-season yet? I need the Bills!!!

— Matt ‘talkin proud and my girlfriend better mentally prepared for me to be playing golf every weekend’ Kabel