JP Losman Article

Hello all,

Well, its June 2nd and teams are unloading their over-priced veterans as we speak. Look for the Bills to sign somebody within a week. We will email you if its anyone newsworthy.

Saw a great interview with Tim Russert last night speaking about his book and growing up in South Buffalo. Its receiving tons of acclaim and really putting the spotlight on the Queen City. I’m now reading another book about Buffalo that my mother gave me. Its called City of Light (written by Lauren Belfer) and this murder mystery novel is set in 1901 during the Pan-American Exposition when Buffalo was the eighth most populated US city and also one of the wealthiest. I will let you know how it is.

JP Losman
There is a great article written by JP Losman and his experiences as a Buffalo Bill so far. Who knows what kind of QB he’s going to make, but you gotta love his personality and work ethic.

Trip to Buffalo for Bills/Jets
Planning is underway for NYCBBB and DC Backers trip to Buffalo for the November 7th Bills/Jets game. A tour of Ralph Wilson Stadium on the Saturday before the game is included in the trip. Please email me if you are interested and have not yet done so.

The Buffalo Philharmonic’s performance at Carnegie Hall is THIS Saturday, June 6th. Again, tickets can be bought through CarnegieCharge at (212) 247-7800. Don’t forget to mention Code (BPOP) to receive your discount.

Air Conditioners
Okay, I know this isn’t “Buffalo/Bills -related”, but Nicole and I went air-conditioner shopping this weekend, and I have no idea if you guys are aware that the prices of AC’s have PLUMMETED! You can get an highly energy efficient digital AC for under $200, which was unheard of two years ago. If you plan on buying an AC, or have thought about upgrading an old one, now is the time to do it!

— Matt ‘talkin proud and dying for football season to get here’ Kabel