Preseason and Camp News

Hello all 703 of you!

First off, we had a great turnout on Sunday! Over 100 showed up to get a glimpse of what our boys will look like this season.

Many of you asked us about the remaining pre-season games… Here’s the deal! This Saturday’s game against the Titans won’t be broadcast live, but will be replayed on the NFL Network at 7am (yes, 7 in the morning!) on Sunday. Soooooo… We’re willing to show the game at 1:00pm if someone volunteers to tape it. I don’t get the NFL Network. Do any of you? Any of you want to volunteer? That’ll be the only way to see the Titans game!

Then next Saturday’s game against the Colts will be replayed on Sunday night at 9pm (8/29). We’ll keep that open and see if there is enough of an interest to show the game. I for one would like to see it. “Stay tuned” on that one…

We have no word yet on the last game against Detroit. September’s schedule is not out yet on the NFL Network site.

For all you new members, welcome! Please know that this is just an issue in the preseason. Every single regular season game will be shown without all this drama.

Now on to camp news…
The second week of camp picked right up from where the first left off – with reports of continued improvement all around. The injury bug struck a little, but thankfully {knock on wood} there were no serious injuries. does an excellent job running down all the injuries and status on their injury page

Last Monday started off with news of Mike Williams returning to the starting squad to get in some reps with the first team. Sam Adams also returned to practice after healing up a minor hamstring injury.

Mike Williams can’t seem to get out of the headlines. On Tuesday, he did not practice and was seen on the sidelines wearing a boot. It turned out he suffered a sprained arch in his right foot. Chris Villarrial also saw time on the sidelines because of a hyperextended elbow. Reports said that the offense looked sharp.

According to reports, the offense sputtered on Wednesday morning. Much to the dissatisfaction of coach Mularkey who was said to have lit into the team. Bledsoe had the morning off. The afternoon practice was much better. Maybe Mularkey knows how to light the fire under these guys.

Thursday brought some attention to the OL. Minor injuries plagued the squad all week, and the OL’s weaknesses really show when one or two guys are down. OL continues to be a concern. On the other hand, other areas continue to shine. Moulds is said to be looking faster and stronger. Lee Evans is progressing. Josh Reed is impressing. Travis is Travis, and Willis looks healed up. The defense looks impenetrable. Many, many bright spots.

What did you all think of the Broncos game? I think the defense looks outstanding. Even getting some takeaways. The Bills were ranked at the very bottom of the league the last few years in takeaways, so seeing some was a sight for sore eyes. There was even a pass rush! The D is going to be huge this season.

The starting offense looked a little rusty, but that’ll wear off. It was reported that Moulds told Drew that he would come down with that ball next time. He won’t let a defender rip a ball out of his hands ever again.

The new guys looked great. Willis got a lot of work. And he didn’t disappoint one bit. The media is trying to create a huge controversy over Travis vs. Willis. I don’t care. I’m psyched that we have two premiere backs! JP Losman showed some stuff too. He has a lot of energy. Maybe too much at this point. Put he looks promising.

Travis Brown looked good too. I was worried about backup QB. We have a future star and viable backup here just in case… Lee Evans was in with the first unit, but didn’t see any real action. I hear he’s been tearing up camp though. Don’t forget about Josh Reed, who got in the mix a few times on Sunday.

The Bills were off yesterday and get back in action this afternoon.

Now, anyone want to step up and tape the Titans game for us? I’ll buy you a beer!

— Matt Soreco