Roswell Park and Atwater House

Hello all 873 MEMBERS!!!

Why the sudden increase in members? Matt added all the addresses that got automatically bounced off the list since we started using this high-tech email server months ago. All you people that ask me “Why don’t I get the emails anymore?” should be receiving them now. Of the 150+ emails we re-added before yesterday’s email, around 120 stuck and we apologize for having you kicked off, and are happy to have you back!

Remember, the Bills/Raiders game is at 4:15pm Sunday, so get there early! The optional specials start at 3:00 and run til 8:00. All seats are yours except the 2 booths closest to the bathroom, which Matt and I are using for the raffle sales. I just got an email from McFadden’s, and Calico Jacks will be fully staffed with the specials to handle our fans. Also, Sahlen’s Hot Dogs are on their way as I write this, and beef-on weck will be available for purchase!

Another reminder. We are raffling off several prizes this Sunday, including a trip for 2 to a Bills game in Buffalo. ALL proceeds will be donated to Roswell Park Cancer Institute. I’ve gotten many emails from you guys saying what a wonderful Hospital they are, so please donate some of that hard-earned money we save you to this worthy cause. Tickets will be $2 each and can be purchased at my booth, located at the bar closest to the bathroom. Again…YOU MUST BE PRESENT DURING THE RAFFLE AT THE END OF THE GAME TO WIN!!! We will have a check-giving ceremony at McFadden’s on 11/28.

As you all know, I am a huge supporter of those trying to save old historical buildings in Buffalo, like Assemblymember Sam Hoyt’s quest to save the HH Richardson Towers next to Buff State. The owners of Pano’s Restaurant have filed for a license to rip down the historical and beautiful Atwater House on Elmwood Avenue to make way for…ANOTHER PARKING LOT!!!

See everybody on Sunday!

— Matt “talkin proud and now infuriated at Pano’s as well as Labatt Blue!” Kabel