Buffalo Bills vs. Oakland Raiders!

Hello all 755 Bills fans!

I was just walking to work and saw the waitress that served us at McFadden’s this weekend. Ends up she’s a dietician here! How do you like that for coincidence? I told her to expect the biggest crowd of Bills fans McFadden’s has ever seen this Sunday!!!

The Bills fly out to Oakland to take on the Raiders this Sunday at 4pm. The optional specials will run from 3 to 8pm. We had 10 people lined up outside of McFadden’s at 10:30am this weekend, so get there EARLY if you want a seat! I have been dealing with McFadden’s all week, and they assure me that Calico Jacks WILL be ready for us this weekend with the game/sound on their TV’s with the drink/wing specials. Please go there if you want a more relaxed atmosphere to watch the game. Also, since the game takes place during dinner time, the food menu will be available so PLEASE try it out. The Beef on Weck is AWESOME!

This Sunday, will be holding a raffle from which all proceeds will go to Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo. Tickets will be $2 each, and can be purchased at my booth which is located at the bar closest to the bathrooms. We will hold the raffle immediately following the game, AND YOU MUST BE IN ATTENDANCE TO WIN!!!

The GRAND PRIZE, sponsored by McFadden’s, will be a trip for 2 to Buffalo for an upcoming Bills game in which hotel, airfare, and game tix are included!!! Other prizes will be given out, including a gift certificate to Tracks Bar and Grill in Penn Station. If you have anything you’d like to donate to the raffle, please reply to this email ASAP!

Matt and I have worked hard with McFadden’s to keep costs down so you all can enjoy watching Bills games with hundreds of fans, especially it being in pricey Manhattan. We ask that you please use some of that money we save you towards this worthy cause. There will be a representative from Roswell Park in McFadden’s on 11/28 in which we will have a formal check presentation. I’d like that check to be for much more than the $1,000 that we raised for the Drew Bledsoe’s foundation, especially considering we have twice as many members now.

I’d like to introduce 2 new staff members to NYCBBB – Ryan Thompson, who will write a weekly column for us, and Anna Bazzini whom will be our official photographer.

Ryan has been a member for 3 years and has just finished up Law School in Brooklyn. I always enjoyed reading emails from him, so asked if he could write a weekly report on the Bills/McFadden’s. Anna has been taking great pictures for our website the past year, and we are happy to have her on board with us.

Anna’s pre-season pictures:

McFadden’s has been working VERY hard trying to get Labatt Blue Light on tap. The Blue reps have told us its impossible. I emailed some Blue hierarchy that contacted me last year and explained that 1,000 people in NYC and DC want Blue Light and to try and make it happen. I received an email that basically told me to go to hell. I am now working with McFadden’s to bring in Molson Light, and to try and see if THEY want to take advantage of our group. Needless to say, I am quite upset with the people at Labatt Blue.

As I said in my email on Monday, McFadden’s is a family atmosphere, so just remember that we’re all there to root for the same team. Also, if you get there early to get a table, please be reasonable about saving seats. It’s not fair to hold a table for several people when others got there just as early as you. For now, we’ll leave the rule as is, but if people abuse this, we won’t allow seat-saving in the future.

See everybody this Sunday!

— Matt “talkin proud and fuming at Labatt” Kabel