Ryan’s Corner

Hello 844 Bills fans!

Well, it’s a bye weekend for the Bills, and for NYCBBB as well. I have spoken to McFadden’s and they will offer the usual specials from 1-6pm this Sunday if any of you would like to swing by and watch some of the other NFL games.

Reading all the feedback from my last email, we realized that those with bad experiences last Sunday at Calicos/McFadden’s were in the minority, and none of those experiences was enough to keep those fans from coming back for more. Matt and I have been working closely with McFadden’s all week and feel fully confident in them righting the wrongs (The Rockpile has already been DOUBLED in size!)

It was nice to see Calico’s utilized last weekend, as many of the tables and all the bar-stools were filled with Bills fans, and it had the feel of a Buffalo bar like McFadden’s does. Because of this, we expect more people to head over there to spread out the crowd and make McFadden’s less crowded. Both bars together can EASILY hold the crowds we are getting with comfort. When the day comes that they can not, Matt and I are already developing a plan involving spilling into other bars on the East Side nearby. Within 2 years, the east side of Manhattan will be known as Little Buffalo!

Fan of the Week
Member Freddy Smith suggested that we should start a NYCBBB Fan of the Week. We liked the idea, so here we go:

Michael Bly
Ever want to quit your job and follow your dreams? One of our members did just that! Here is a link to the new CD and biography of former NYC-lawyer Michael Bly. He will be performing at NYCBBB’s tailgate for the Jets/Bills game at the meadowlands, so be sure to check it out!

Hope everybody enjoys their bye weekend, and we’ll see you all at McFadden’s on October 10th as we take on the World Champion New England Patriots.

— Matt “talkin proud and going to fire up my food smoker this weekend!” Kabel