Survey #1

How do you feel about a weekend trip to Buffalo for a Bills game? Would you prefer a: a) A weekend bus trip and b) a weekend airplane trip

Would you prefer a a) one day – to the extent that you could fly in the early AM and fly out after the game or B) two day – Sat – Sun. or C) three day- whole weekend.

How would you like to communicate with the Buffalo Bills – as part of the Bills Backers Chapter membership, what else would you like to receive from the Bills?

Would you be interested in buying Bills Backers merchandise? If so, what kind of items would you like?

How do you get information on the Bills?
Newspapers websites TV/radio

Do you visit on a regular basis?
Not much sometimes regularly

How do you rate the Bills Backers section?
Not good good very good excellent

Have you seen the Bills Digest newspaper?
Yes no

Would you subscribe to Bills Digest to get your team news?
Yes no

— Matt ‘talkin proud and survey #1 is all over with’ Kabel