Trip to Buffalo

Hello all,

Everybody on this list is either going to Buffalo or is the contact person for somebody going. There is around 60 of us heading to see the Bills kick the crap out of the Jets at 1pm on Sunday. Please print this email and bring it with you.

First off, here are the following staff members attending and our cell #’s. I am the point person so please call me if you need to reach us.

Matt Kabel – 917-279-6798
Matt Soreco – 516-668-6304
Kevin Smith – 914-374-2304

I have 2 tickets to sell at face value if you know anybody looking.

Please arrive at Ralph Wilson Stadium no later that 2:45. Enter One Bills Drive, stop at the security shack and tell them you are there for the New York City Bills Backers Tour, then proceed in straight and take a left into the Admin lot. We will all meet in front of the Admin offices. The tour will last about 45 min, and what we see depends on the weather. The tour will start and 3, so you better be there or we’ll start without you.

After the tour, we will head over to Danny’s ( across the street on the corner of Abbott and Big Tree Roads. They will have happy hour specials for us and you can grab a few drinks and some food if you want. Former Buffalo Bill Mark Brammer will be there to talk about what it was like to be a Tight End for the Bills in the 80’s. He is trying to find other players to come as well. Happy hour will go until 6:00 or so, and then you are on your own. I personally have to go visit family for awhile, so you can see what Kevin and Matt plan on doing. I’m sure most will want to head to another bar or stay there, others will go see family.

Lot opens at 9:00am. By this time I think most of us will have worked out plans with each other on where to meet and what time. You can park wherever you want, but most of us will be meeting up at Kenny’s Pinto, even if we don’t park there. Bring your own beer and food. Kenny said you can store stuff in his van if you want to during the game. Here is a link to the Pinto’s location and other info:

Kevin and Matt are saying its going to rain, but said its going to be partly sunny and 50 degrees all weekend. Of course, it feels about 20 degrees colder when you’re in the stands, so I suggest dressing warm and to be prepared for wet weather. I usually wear a pair of jeans under a pair of waterproof pants, 2 pairs of socks, long sleeve shirt with a sweatshirt and coat. Or go in a t-shirt and thong if you prefer…

I think that’s about it. I didn’t BCC the addresses so I could answer questions and you can see the answers. Please don’t email everybody unless it relates to the whole group.

We have tried to keep this weekend as simple as possible. Afterwards, we will be open to any suggestions you may have.

I’ve had a busy day at work, so I apologize for the official-ness of this email….I promise to be more fun during the weekend!

Oh yeah… J – E – T – S SUCK SUCK SUCK


— Matt Kabel