Yesterday and Roswell Park

Hello 743 Bills fans!

Wow, what a letdown yesterday. We had that game won for 58 minutes, and blew it in the end. I do have to say that I have a ton more confidence in this team than I did last year, so I can accept a slow start with a strong finish. The last few Super Bowl champs lost their first games of the season, so look to the Bills to improve every week! Please read this lengthy email that contains a lot of info.

To all you new members (Matt and I saw a lot of you!), how did you like watching the game in a bar packed wall to wall with Bills fans? The McFadden’s GM came up to me at halftime and said, “You guys drank more booze in 2 hours than we sold all of Saturday Night!!” I just stood there with a grin on my face for 5 minutes.

I hope everybody had a good time, but please help Matt and I out. Reply to this email with any feedback (good or bad) that you have about your experience at McFadden’s yesterday.

Matt and I are planning to hold a raffle during the Bills/Raiders game this weekend. We are still working out the details, but hope to raise money for the Roswell Park Cancer Institute of Buffalo. We will send more details in Thursday’s email, including the prizes that will be raffled off. If you have anything you’d like to donate to raffle off, please email me.

As NYCBBB has grown we’ve brought old friends together, introduced new friends, and found jobs/apartments for members. Now, we can also be known as a matchmaking club! I’d like to congratulate members Bart Kresse and Melissa Marlette on their recent engagement. These two lovebirds met at McFadden’s during a Bills game and the rest is history. Now…all together:


As I said, there were probably going to be some growing pains since we implemented so many new things:

  1. Satellite radio — it was discovered that another part was needed, McFadden’s said it will be up and running next weekend.
  2. Food menu — it was available, but the actual menus didn’t arrive in time. Again, we will have them next week. By the way, I had a beef on weck….it was AWESOME!! Sahlen’s hot dogs will be in this week.
  3. Beer — 3 kegs of Molson Canadian were gone in 90 minutes, and McFadden’s is going to double their order. To make up for the bar not getting Labatt Blue Light draft, McFadden’s handed out free bottles of this Buffalo-favorite beer to members.
  4. Wings — 200 lbs of wings were gone by the 4th quarter, McFadden’s will order more.
  5. Calico Jacks — There was a little confusion early on, but the game is on over there with sound. The drink/wing specials are also available.

Some things worked out very well. The back bar was a huge success, as more people took to watching the game in the lounge area, the new big screen is awesome, service appeared to be solid, and we somehow fit everybody in the bar.

I did notice something that I need to address. The bar can get very crowded, and very difficult to walk through. Keep these in mind:

  1. We’re all Bills fans, and its a FAMILY atmosphere. If somebody bumps into you, it’s an accident. If you bump into somebody, just smile and apologize. Same goes for spilling some beer on somebody. There is no need for dirty looks, we’re all there to root for the same team!
  2. The fastest way from one side of the bar to the other is the dining room, walk through it instead of trying to fight through the crowd.
  3. As you probably noticed, the wait staff of McFadden’s aren’t the biggest people. Lets make their job easier by making that extra effort to get out of their way. Lets call it “SWERVE SO THEY CAN SERVE”…yeah its cheesy, but what the hell do you want on a Monday morning?

All in all, I had a blast! By watching all of you, I think you guys did too!

— Matt “talkin proud and won’t let one loss get me down!” Kabel