Over 1,000 Buffalo Bills Fans in NYC!

Hello all you 1,023 Buffalo Bills fans!

That’s right, we did it! After four years, we’ve finally surpassed the 1,000 mark for Buffalo Bills fans in the Tri-State area! Considering our database automatically boots any bad email addresses, that number is perfectly accurate. I’d like to personally welcome all the new members that have signed up over the last few weeks. Considering all the new members, it looks like we’re getting fired up for what is sure to be an exciting season of Buffalo Bills football!

As Matt Soreco said last week, the Bills are re-organizing the way they deal with Bills Backers around the country, and are offering benefits to the clubs (and their members, which means YOU) with the largest memberships. Please visit the link below and sign up if you have not yet done so. They have us down for 126 members, being second to the Rochester Bills Backers who have 185. We all know we’re the biggest Bills Backers in the world by far, so let’s prove it to those at One Bills Drive.

When you register, choose ‘yes’ to “Would you like to join a specific Bills Backer Chapter” and select us. The site is a little confusing, so MAKE SURE you sign up for NEW YORK CITY BILLS BACKERS (there’s 2-3 other Bills Backers listed in the NYC area)

Here’s the link:

I assure you that your NYCBBB team is working tirelessly to make the 2005 season at McFadden’s and Calico Jack’s the best ever! I guarantee you that we’re going to have one hell of a time this fall!

Western New Yorker in the Supreme Court?
Regardless of your political opinions, did anybody realize that Bush’s nomination for the Supreme Court (John Roberts) was born in Western New York and attended grade school at St. Bernadette’s in Hamburg? Rumor has it he’s also a Buffalo Bills fan!

Hunter’s Hope Raffle
Hunter’s Hope finally held the raffle for the SSR this week and a fan from Ellicottville won the car. $53,000 was raised for the organization with your help. Thanks to all of you who contributed to this worthwhile cause!

My Wedding
My lovely new wife Nicole (a fellow Bills fan) surprised me with a Buffalo Bills cake and the Shout! song at my wedding on July 4th. My side of the room went nuts singing the song, which was followed by her side (all Jets fans) doing the J-E-T-S chant, which was then shut down by my side doing the SUCK SUCK SUCK chorus. Her family promptly got quiet after realizing they were outmatched. It was pandemonium!

— Matt ‘talkin’ proud and can’t believe we have over 1,000 members!’ Kabel