Buffalo Bills Training Camp and Sabres!

Hello all you 1065 NYC Bills Fans!

It’s finally here! Buffalo Bills training camp kicks off today at St. John Fisher in Rochester, NY, which signals the official start of the 2005 season of Buffalo Bills football! Keep checking www.BillsDaily.com and www.BuffaloBills.com for updates! Anybody else fired up???

Turns out that for the first time ever, NFL Network will televise a pre-season scrimmage live. And whom will they be televising? The Bills/Packers scrimmage of course! The scrimmage will be on NFL Network at 8pm. Due to it being a Friday night, it’s unlikely that McFadden’s or Calico’s will be able to televise it for us. The search is on for a backup bar, and we’ll let you know as soon as we have one!

BuffaloBills.com Sign Up!
We just got word that whichever backers club on BB.com that has the most members on August 13 will receive an autographed London Fletcher jersey! As of now, we have a 20 member lead over the Rochester Backers (who aren’t even organized yet!) and are at a disadvantage because certainly most of their signups aren’t real Backers like ours, just people from Buffalo Bills fan dominated Rochester signing up on the site! There’s over 1,000 on our list and only 250 are signed up on BB.com. Please go over and sign up (for NYC Bills Backers) and ensure our place as the biggest Backers in the world! Link:

THE NHL IS BACK!!! The Sabres kick-off the season at home against the Islanders on October 5th. Is anybody interested in getting together to watch this and other games at McFadden’s? We’ll try to organize this and maybe a trip to see the Sabres here in NYC if we get enough interest!

Final Suggestions?
Your NYCBBB staff is meeting with McFadden’s/Calico Jacks next week to finalize plans for the 2005 season at Little Buffalo. If you have any last minute suggestions, let us know!

Pre-Season Games
We’ll determine a schedule for watching Pre-Season games at McFadden’s next week and let you know the plan!

The wait is finally over! Bring on the Bills!!!!


— Matt ‘talkin’ proud and fired up to BILL-IEVE!!’ Kabel