Big Upgrades at McFadden’s and Calicos!

Hello 1,106 Buffalo Bills fans!

Okay, this is going to be a long email, but there’s a helluva lot of info in it that will be worthwhile for you to know. And as we are all well aware, knowing is half the battle! 2005 Drink Specials, additional bars, more space, more seating, RESERVATIONS…all below!

Your NYCBBB staff has worked tirelessly this off-season to deal with the rapid growth of our group. Last year at this time we had 650 members, now we’re dealing with over 1,100! It’s quite obvious that both McFadden’s and Calico Jacks will be needed this season regardless of how our Bills perform (although we know they’re headed for the Super Bowl baby!) so we have some changes to ensure that the group spreads out nicely between the two restaurants at Little Buffalo on 42nd and Second! And yes, we have plans in the works for a 3rd bar WHEN necessary!

First, the Shout! song will be played after the extra point like it’s done at Ralph Wilson Stadium, NOT after the actual touchdown.

Second, on 1pm game days both restaurants will open at 11am.

Third, let’s get the 2005 McFadden’s & Calico Jacks’ beer/wing special out of the way. All specials are from one (1) hour before the game until the end of the game:

$30 – All the draft beer (including Labatt Blue/Molson Canadian) you can drink and wings you can eat
$20 – All the Bud/Bud Lite draft you can drink and wings you can eat
$15 – All the POP you can drink and wings you can eat
$1 off all mixed drinks
$2 TKO Shots

Now…onto our changes at the restaurants. First up:

– First of all, McFadden’s will now be 21 and over, no exceptions.
– Additional staff will be on hand
– The football menu has been scrapped, but you will still be able to get Sahlen hot dogs and Beef on Weck! The standard McFadden’s menu will be in effect as well.
– There will be a new bar located in the dining room (by the windows) that will be able to distribute two (2) draft beers of our selection. You will ONLY be able to get draft beer at this location if you bought the special and have a bracelet. It will not be a cash bar.
– Some tables will be removed in the dining room to make room for this bar and to provide additional standing room. – A cooler of ice water will be left by the wings to make it easier for those looking for some hydration. I know someone will be tempted to dump it after a big win, but if that happens the water cooler will be gone for good, so let’s all be responsible. If you’re tempted to do this, just wait until we win the Super Bowl. After that, feel free to dump it on whomever!

As you can see, McFadden’s will now have less seating, but more room and will be MUCH easier to get a beer. However, we’ve upgraded Calico Jacks as well, which is where your Co-Founders Matt Soreco and I will be watching games this season to ensure it has the same ‘Bills spirit’ as McFadden’s!

Calico Jacks
– First of all, Calico Jacks will have IDENTICAL beer/wing specials to those of McFadden’s. You will be able to get Labatt Blue, Molson Canadian, and wings identical to those next door. The details have been worked out to ensure this!
– The Shout! song WILL be played after every Bills score!
– You will be able to get Sahlen hot dogs and Beef on Weck in Calico’s as well!
– Additional seating is being brought in for those fans (like myself) that enjoy watching the game sitting at a table. Additional TV’s are being installed as well.
– Calicos will be for all ages, and they will have a special Kid’s Menu for our events should you want to bring your children
– Additional staff will be brought in for our events
– And last but certainly not least, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO MAKE TABLE RESERVATIONS AT CALICOS! Starting at 12:00 noon every Tuesday before a game, you’ll be able to call and request seating for up to eight (8) people for that Sunday’s game! Your seat will be reserved until 15 minutes before kickoff. If you’re not there at this time, your seats will be given to those on a waiting list. In other words, if you reserve a table be sure to arrive at LEAST 20 min before the game.

By implementing these changes, we feel you’ll have two great options for where to watch the games. McFadden’s is more or less your loud, crowded, hooting and hollering experience (much like End Zone seats at the Ralph) whereas Calicos is your loud, laid back but still fun, and a great place to watch the games atmosphere (much like the Jim Kelly suite at the Ralph)

I promise you that both will be exciting places for you to watch the games with hundreds of your fellow fans! Matt S., Phil, and myself will ensure that we’ve got that Buffalo feeling in Calicos, and Kevin, Ryan, and Anna will keep that feeling going in McFadden’s!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me! We’ll keep reminding you of the updates so that everybody is on the same page come September 11th, opening day!

We’ll have more info on Pre-Season games soon…

Until then…GO BILLS!!!!

— Matt ‘talkin proud and fired up about the upgrades’ Kabel