Pre-Season Buffalo Bills Games

Hello 1,105 NYC-area Bills fans!

Just a quick email since we’re getting a lot of questions about pre-season games. None of the pre-season games, including tomorrow night’s, will be shown on live TV in McFadden’s or anywhere else in NYC. The only way to see the games live in this area is if you can find a house or bar that has one of those huge satellite dishes that existed before DirecTV. Otherwise, you have to watch them when they are re-aired on NFL Network:

Bills vs. Colts – Wednesday, Aug 17th @ 3pm
Packers vs. Bills – Monday, Aug 22nd @ 4pm
Bills vs. Bears – Saturday, Aug 27th @ 1pm
Lions vs. Bills – Sunday, Sept 4th @ 2pm

Now I know a bunch of you are saying, “C’mon Matt, why don’t you tape the games when replayed on NFL Network and show them at McFadden’s next weekend?” Well, the problem with that is by the time we do that the game will be over a week old and another pre-season game would have been played. Instead, we’re working with McFadden’s to show the final two pre-season games when aired on NFL Network. We’ll give you more details about those later. So if you want to see the Colts & Packers games, we suggest having a friend with NFL Network tivo/tape the games for you when televised.

Anybody have a contact person at Sahlen’s? The costs of Sahlen’s through a middleman is becoming less and less cost effective, and I’d like to see about working with them directly instead. Problem is the website has no contact info, and the phone number I found goes to a voice mail. Let me know if you can help!

Sign-up on
If you haven’t already, please sign up on for the NYC Bills Backers. I’m hearing claims that we aren’t the biggest in the nation. You know what how I feel about that? Pffffff….When you register, choose ‘yes’ to “Would you like to join a specific Bills Backer Chapter” and select us. The site is a little confusing, so MAKE SURE you sign up for NEW YORK CITY BILLS BACKERS (there’s 2-3 other Bills Backers listed in the NYC area) Here’s the link:

Philly/DC Backers
As most of you know, we’ve expanded into Backers in Washington DC & Downtown Philly. If you have friends or family in that area that should be added to their lists, shoot me an email!

Anybody experienced in web building? If you are, are you willing to donate some time to helping us out with a few projects? Email me if the answer is YES to both questions!


— Matt ‘talkin proud and fired up that pre-season is finally here!’ Kabel