Buffalo Bills vs. Atlanta Falcons

Hello 1,309 of you!

Come to Little Buffalo and watch the Bills at home take on the Falcons this Sunday. Doors open at 11am. Game starts at 1pm.

The Bills need to get back on track after their terrible performance last week. News was that Mularkey called a few players out, including McGahee. It was reported that Willis got fired up and was hitting holes much quicker in practice. Let’s home he does that come gametime! Enough dancing Willis!

There was some sort of Mexican celebration going on in NYC last week. Street vendors were selling a bunch items to celebrate Mexican heritage. Too bad I didn’t think of it at the time, but I should have bought a bunch of sombreros for everyone to wear to welcome the arrival of Ron Mexico to Buffalo.

Lawyer Milloy, London Fletcher and Mike Williams are all questionable for Sunday’s game. That makes me a little nervous. But so is Ron Mexico errr Michael Vick.
Check out BillsDaily’s injury report page:

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Saints Game
Next week’s Saints game date and time has been confirmed. It will be as previously scheduled (Sunday 10/2 at 1pm).

Fundraising for Katrina
During the Saints game next week, we’re going to be holding a fundraiser for Katrina relief efforts. Backers groups in Boston, LA, San Diego, Tucson, Phoenix, Portland, Tampa, DC, Philly, Minneapolis, and Denver will be running fundraisers as well. All together we hope to raise a pretty penny. More details will be sent next week.

McFadden’s and Calico’s have different drink special bracelets, and unfortunately a McFadden’s bracelet can’t be used in Calico’s and vice versa. That doesn’t mean you can’t pop in and out to check out the different atmospheres, but you won’t be able to get drinks in the other bar.

I hope to see you all Sunday. Well actually if all 1,309 showed up, we’d be in trouble!!! So I hope to see many of you Sunday.

— Matt “aka Ron Buffalo if I ever need an alias” Soreco