Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets Game, Rockland Fans

Hello all 1,313 Bills fans!

“Don’t worry about last week … The temperature at the stadium near kickoff was around 100 degrees. The 92 degrees they kept reporting was the airport temperature (near the bay). The Humidity was around 85 – 90%. There was not a cloud in the sky (therefore the sun was beating down). Us northern boys do not get along those conditions very well. If all those critics who watched the game up north were actually sitting in the stadium I don’t think they would be so quick to dismiss the temperature as a non issue for the performance.” – Kenny ‘Pinto Ron’ Johnson – Bills #1 Tailgater who was at the game

I have two subjects I want to touch on – the new NYCBBB satellite group in Rockland, and the Bills/Jets game in Buffalo. I really need some feedback about the Jets weekend, so please read below if you are attending.

Bills Backers of Rockland County
We’ve received many emails over the last year from members who live across the Hudson that can’t make it to Little Buffalo on Sundays. Well, your NYCBBB staff has decided to set up shop up in Blauvelt, NY which is on the border of NJ and NY right off the Palisades, making it easy for anybody in Northern NJ, Rockland, or Orange County to reach! Bailey’s, which is owned by a former wrestler at Univ of Buffalo named Paul Bailey, is in the process of making a private room for just Bills fans. They’re also offering the following special – from one our before the game until the end of the game you get all the wings you can eat and beer/well drinks you can drink for $25! I was told there were around 20 Bills fans there last week, so it’s starting to grow. Again, here is the address:

136 Erie Street East
Blauvelt NY 10913
(845) 398-1454

Jets @ Bills October 16th
In the spring, NYCBBB decided to make our second annual trip to Buffalo the weekend of the Jets game again. Shortly after, the Bills decided to make the previous weekend Bills Backers Weekend, which has basically made it difficult for us to plan anything for the day before. We can do a tour of the stadium, which WON’T include going on the field, for $250 for a group of 50. The tour, which would be held Saturday around 1pm, will include the locker rooms, field house, press box, and tunnel.

I need feedback here, if you’re heading to Buffalo for this game I need to know whether you want to go on the tour or not? I’d like to know by Friday what we should do, so please email me your opinion when you get this. If you don’t want to do the tour, maybe there’s an alternative you’d like to do?

I apologize for not having a solid plan. NYCBBB WILL be throwing a huge tailgate party in the lot next to Kenny’s Pinto Tailgate before the game. Kevin Smith is working that out as we speak…err…type.

So that’s that. And a work of advice, as Hurricane Rita moves through the gulf the oil platforms are going to be affected, so if you’re planning on driving up for the game this weekend I recommend getting gas ASAP before prices jump again.

Have a great time in Little Buffalo this weekend, and GO BILLS!!!

— Matt “Talkin’ proud and am getting excited to be back at the Ralph!” Kabel