Buffalo Bills vs. Chicago Bears RSVP Needed

Hello all 1,151 Bills fans!

Anybody catch the replay of Saturday night’s Bills/Packers pre-season game? Boy was it fun to watch JP Losman play! Yes he made some rookie mistakes, but he made a heck of a lot of great plays as well, even running the ball in for a touchdown! The days of watching a statuesque QB in Buffalo holding the ball in the pocket too long is over! Watching JP you can’t help but compare him to Farve and Flutie, let’s just hope he can match their success!

If you haven’t caught the exciting play of JP yet, c’mon down to McFadden’s THIS SATURDAY at 1PM. We’ll be airing the Bills/Bears game that will be played (but not televised live) in Chicago Friday night. We’ll probably have some kind of beer or wing special to go along with it to make it a fun afternoon.

In order to figure all of this out, WE NEED YOU TO RSVP if you plan on attending. Simply reply to this email and say “HELL YEAH!” and how many people will be attending.

C’mon…Saturday, Bills football, wings…BEER…how can you turn that down??? Hasn’t it been long enough since we last had that combination???

As soon as we determine the size of the crowd, we’ll email you more details.

For those of you that contacted me about Bills @ Jets tickets, I’ll be emailing you later in the week.

Go Bills!

— Matt ‘talkin’ proud and can’t believe Ralph Wilson isn’t in the Hall of Fame!’ Kabel