Buffalo Bills vs. Da Bears!

Hello all you 1,166 Buffalo Bills fans!

Tomorrow night, our beloved Buffalo Bills take on Da Bears in Chicago for their 3rd pre-season game. Unfortunately, the game won’t be televised in NYC tomorrow night, so if you want to catch it you’ll have to watch it when it’s shown on the NFL Network at 1pm on Saturday. Coach Mularkey has said the starting offense will play the entire first half, so we’ll see plenty of the exciting play of JP Losman!

McFadden’s will be showing the game in its entirety THIS SATURDAY FROM 1-4PM. We’re going to run the 2005 beer/wing specials from 12-5pm, however only boneless wings (“spicy fingers”) will be served. Again, the specials are as follows:
$30 – Any draft beer and boneless wings you can eat
$20 – Bud/Bud Lite Draft and boneless wings you can eat
$15 – Pop and any boneless wings you can eat

Thanks to all of you that RSVP’d, I suggest you follow my lead and avoid any Bills news between Friday night and the showing of the game to make it more interesting. This is also going to be a great way to get our bodies back into the beer/football/wing mode! See you Saturday!

Sabres @ Rangers – January 24th
NYCBBB’s own Kevin Smith is organizing a group rate for the January 24th Buffalo Sabres/NY Rangers game at Madison Square Garden. If he can get 20 people to commit, tickets will only be $20-30! Please email Kevin if you are interested in attending:

Sahlen’s Hot Dogs
OK…here’s the deal. The price of Sahlen Hot Dogs being delivered to McFadden’s has risen to the point where McFadden’s/Calico’s will have to charge $5 just for one! Delivery costs have gone through the roof! So this is what we need; one of our members, Joe Moran, has worked out a deal to get the hot dogs cheaper. However, we would need to pick them up and get them to NYC ourselves. Is anybody traveling back and forth to Buffalo within the next 2 weeks that would be willing to bring back a couple packs of Sahlens? NYCBBB will buy you a bracelet for the Beer Special the next time you head into Little Buffalo for a game. Please let me know!

Message Board
Want to talk to fellow Bills fans about our favorite team? Or spread news about WNY-related events in the tri-state area? Check out NYCBBB’s message board.

See you Satuday!

— Matt ‘talkin proud and fired up to catch up with many of you on Saturday!’ Kabel