Buffalo Bills vs. Denver Broncos

Hello all,

A few reminders:
– The game is Saturday at 8:30.
– McFadden’s will have the game on some TVs and will offer the special. Maybe no sound though.
– Tracks Bar & Grill in Penn Station will show the game with sound. There will be a group of NYCBBB members there.

Here is some info about our Jets game tailgate and New Years party:

Great Takeo Article:
This is a must read–especially now that our spirits are crushed. Gotta love him. I’m already looking forward to September 2006!

See that “Bigger, Stronger…” shirt he’s wearing in the article?

I jump onto Takeo’s site (http://www.takeospikes51.com/) to check it out and notice they have a merchandise section. I notice that shirt is NOT available there. So I shoot “Team Takeo” an e-mail and tell them they’re crazy for not selling it. An hour later they tell me it’s available. A day later they tell me the response has been great. I should get a commission. {cough}{cough}

See you Sunday,

— Matt Soreco