Important News

Hello all,

All my negative and hateful thoughts were erased on Sunday when our faithful crowd erupted in a somewhat sarcastic–and perhaps alcohol induced–triumphant celebration when Reed scored to bring the score to 35-7. A few “civilians” (non NYCBBBers) were there and looked mystified that we’d celebrate such a meaningless score. Little did they know that the mind does mysterious things to overcome the immense mental trauma of being a Bills fan the last few years. That moment has to be one of the funniest moments I experienced with NYCBBB so far. The Bills have become a joke. Literally.

Ok, on to the important news about venues for Saturday!

This week’s game is on Saturday night, which puts us against McFadden’s and Calicos regular Saturday night crowd. There will be our regular special starting at 7:30, but the availability of TVs will be limited as will the sound.

As an alternate venue, Tracks (owned my NYCBBB member Bruce Caufield) will set aside room of us and have the game on with sound. Tracks is located in Penn Station, near the ticket booths on the LIRR level. Check out Tracks’ website:

Please pass the news on to anyone you know who might not be on the list or read their e-mails.

In other news, check out an article on us that appeared in the Niagara Falls Reporter:

I can’t believe I’m looking forward to the draft already! And some front office shakeup.

See you Sunday,

— Matt Soreco