Buffalo Bills vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

Hello all 1,278 NYC Bills fans!

This Sunday at 1pm, our undefeated Buffalo Bills take on the undefeated Buccaneers in Tampa Bay, Florida. Both teams are very similar in that they have great defenses, great running backs, and quarterbacks looking to prove something.

The tables in Calicos Jack’s were booked solid within an hour, so we’re expecting big crowds at both Calicos and McFadden’s this Sunday. Doors open at 11am, but as always we recommend that you arrive before that if you want a seat.

Because we’re expecting a huge crowd this week, I want to remind all of you that everybody is there to root for the Bills and/or experience the WNY feel that your NYCBBB staff works so hard to create. Let’s all have a great time, RESPECT one another, have fun, and root for our team to win!

I’ve been assured that we have enough wings this weekend, but please try to get your wings early to be safe. Sahlen Hot Dogs and Beef on Weck are available as well for purchase. Also, fans in McFadden’s are no longer allowed to stand between tables/in front of tv’s. If you do, you’ll be asked to move by that massive human being named Franklin that guards the McFadden’s door. Again, please remember to tip the staff.

For those of you in Orange County, Rockland County, or Northern NJ who don’t want to head into the city, feel free to head to Bailey’s Pub in Blauvelt, NY/Rockland County. It’s run by a fellow Bills fan who has the game on every week with sound and has $1 draft specials along with great buffalo wings! I hear there were 20 Bills fans there last week. It’s located at 136 Erie Street East, Blauvelt NY 10913; (845) 398-1454

For all you Canisius College Alum out there, please contact Mike Davis about an exciting event being held in the city on November 9th and a trip to the Bills/Chargers game in San Diego on 11/20, both for Alumni. His email is Mpdinnyc@aol.com

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Supposed to be 78 degrees and sunny this Sunday in NYC!

Bills 20, Buccaneers 10


— Matt “talkin’ proud and fired up to see JP play again!” Kabel