Feedback Needed!

Hello all 1,243 NYC Bills fans!

WOW!! What an amazing start! Who can’t help but be fired up about Losman and our 2005 Buffalo Bills??? After a 22-7 win over the Texans, the Bills start off the season 1-0!

McFadden’s staff estimated the crowds at McFadden’s and Calico Jacks to be around 600 Bills fans! Matt Soreco and I watched the game in Calico’s and had a blast with our fellow Bills fans in there! If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do so. With crowds this big, we need to spread out between the two bars.

Again, we apologize to all of you for running out of wings. We ate more wings by halftime than we ever ate in an entire game! Because of the large crowds, we suggest getting your wings as early as possible from now on.

Also, more tv’s will be added in Calico’s this week, and the reception problems on the small tv’s are being fixed as well.

Your NYCBBB staff would like to hear any feedback you have about either restaurant, the good as well as the bad. Please either email me or post on our message board.

Overall, it looked like everybody had a great time! Who else can’t wait for Sunday???


— Matt “talkin’ proud and fired up about how we looked!” Kabel