Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets

Hello all,

Come watch the Bills as they try to get to .500 against division rival New Jersey Jets. Remember the game starts at 4:15!!! I’ll never forget one time last year when someone came running in at 1 for a 4pm game. A look of sheer terror came across his face as he asked “this is still a Bills bar, right?” I said “yeah, but the game’s at 4.”

Drink special starts at 3:15.

Jets/Bills Tailgate
For those of you heading up for the game this weekend, NYCBBB’s Kevin Smith and Matt Kabel will be throwing a huge tailgate starting at 10:30am in the private lot directly to the East of Lot 1 on the Big Tree Road (20A) side of the Stadium. Two kegs of Labatt Blue will be on hand, which $5 will get you unlimited beer from them. They’ll also have plenty of grill space. Former Bills TE Mark Brammer will be on hand until 2:30, and they’re hoping to have singer Michael Bly perform until that time as well if he can find a generator. Matt’s cell phone is 917-279-6798.

Need help fining it? Here’s map and a few overhead images:

Red Cross
We’d like to thank everyone who participated in our Katrina raffle. We raised $900 for the Red Cross. The check was cut and mailed this week.

Check out Anna’s pictures from last week:

Fans of the Week
Check out 10/2 Fan of the Week Anthony Marrone:

Check out 10/9 Fan of the Week Kevin Donahue:

That’s all for now. See you Sunday.

— Matt Soreco