Fire Tom Donahoe

Hello all 1,424 disgruntled NYC Bills fans,

Everybody here knows how supportive I’ve been of this team the last few weeks, giving them every possible chance. Well, yesterday those chances all ran out after an embarrassing 24-23 loss to Miami Dolphins, a team who is heading in an opposite direction than that of our Bills. It’s now official, the Bills have become the Cincinnati Bengals of the AFC, and aren’t going to reach the playoffs for the 6th consecutive year. Only 4 other teams have been as bad over that same span. GM Tom Donahoe has taken this once proud team and turned it into a sub-bar laughing stock of the NFL.

There are so many holes to fill on this team that you have to wonder, do you REALLY want the guy who created all those holes to be the one to fix them? Absolutely not, which is why Tom Donahoe should be fired at the end of the year. Western New York, which takes more pride in its sports teams that most cities, has been embarrassed by the Donahoe era. There is simply too much wrong with this team, and there is no quick fix. We have to rebuild both lines (which Donahoe ignored for 5 years) and replace our aging secondary, which is nearly impossible to fix in one off season. It’s going to be a much different team next year, which actually could be a good thing!

Oh, and for those of you attending next week’s game that want to show your anger towards the Donahoe era by making a nice “Fire Donahoe” sign, don’t bother since it’s been reported that signs like that have been confiscated by Bills security staff upon orders from the Bills’ brass. I didn’t know the Third Reich was in power at One Bills Drive.

Other people that should be shown the door:
Mike Williams – you’re overweight and have no heart. Biggest bust in modern Bills history and you’re going to cost us millions in cap space next year. Donahoe’s biggest mistake next to hiring Gregg Williams.
Nate Clements – you have ‘playmaker’ written on your locker, which is quite fitting considering that you’ve made every receiver that you’ve covered this season just that. Let somebody else shell out the big cash for your over-rated play.
Sam Adams – go somewhere else and play only when you want to, and please don’t use the “I need money to feed my kids” BS you cried about before we signed you.
Eric Moulds – Loved ya for all these years, but you’re not the playmaker you once were and unless you take a pay cut we have to spend the $ elsewhere. Will be sad to see ya go, too bad Donahoe destroyed this franchise and you never reached your full potential. Thanks for the great memories!

People that need to improve:
Mike Mularkey – I really want to like you, but enough of this cute crap! Throwing the ball on first and goal when you’re up by 3 touchdowns, handing the ball off to Shaud Williams on 3rd and 9 with the game on the line, having Roscoe Parrish line up at QB when you’re blowing the Dolphins away…what the HELL is the matter with you? You said this would be a smash mouth football team, but all I see is a bunch of nannies out there. Bring some aggressiveness back to this team for crying out loud, and stop being cute!
Willis McGahee – best back? You’ve got to be kidding me! You’re looking more and more like Travis Henry every week, without the 15 year old girl. Some of it’s the o-line and coach’s fault, but you’ve been far from as good as you say you are.

People I have hope in:
JP Losman – looking better and better every week, this is slowly becoming his team.
Lee Evans – getting over the sophomore slump, I foresee big things next year.
Jason Peters – for a guy who never played the position before this year, he held his own against Jason Taylor yesterday. I see big things in his future, and he was undrafted, take THAT Mike Williams.
London Fletcher – You started off slow, but you’ve shown the heart of a lion this season.
Aaron Schobel – You’re going to have double digit sacks this year, too bad the rest of the line sucks.
Terrence McGee – You deserve to have ‘playmaker’ written on your locker, I’m sure you can take it off Clements’ locker when he cleans it out.

OK…enough raving and ranting, I think everybody out there has the same feelings about this team and where it’s headed. We’re going to have to rebuild, and to do that, we need to start at the top. Good-bye Tom Donahoe, you never reached out to us Backers and you’ve humiliated me and the other diehard fans of our beloved Buffalo Bills. In four years of the NYCBBB, we’ve never gotten to meet up and watch our team in the playoffs, and it doesn’t look like we’ll get to do that anytime soon thanks to you.

I’ll be traveling the next few weeks, so my humble (and less wordy!) Co-Founder Matt Soreco will be sending the emails. I hope everybody has a great Holiday, and I’ll catch up with all of you at the New Year’s Eve Party and Bills/Jets tailgate!

— Matt “talkin’ proud and disgusted with the Donahoe Era” Kabel