Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots

Hello 1,424 Bills fans,

Man what a week. Moulds gets suspended, Donahoe call dissenters a bunch of jerks, Mularkey’s losing control.

Still, Bills fans are a resilient breed that don’t let turmoil get in the way of their beer drinking and wing eating. At least I hope that’s true. Nah, I know it’s true!!!

It’s Bills vs. Pats at 1pm. Lets see what the players are made of. Can they put all the mayhem being them? Will younger guys step up? Will McGee take one to the house? Will we see McGahee’s infamous stiff arm? Can Evans make some toast? Will JP continue to improve?

You know the place. You know the deal.

Jets Game
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New Years Eve Party
Just a reminder that NYCBBB will have it’s first ever New Year’s Eve bash at Tracks Bar & Grill in Penn Station. There will be an open bar from 9pm-1am which includes whatever you can drink in the place and all the beef-on-weck and wings you can eat, all for only $50. It’ll be a good warm-up for the Jets game the following day!

See ya Sunday,

— Matt Soreco