Marv Levy at McFadden’s?

Hello all 885 Bills fans!

Thanks to all of you that filled out the survey. We received a ton of feedback about Little Buffalo (McFadden’s and Calico’s) on 42nd Street that will help us improve on next season. I assure you that all comments will be looked over by NYCBBB staff and McFadden’s/Calico Jack’s leadership. After we meet with the leadership of McFadden’s and Calico’s, we’ll summarize the results of the survey and the feedback we receive from them in an email to you. This should paint a picture of what direction we’ll be heading in for next season.

I did want to touch on one major complaint that was a trend in the results of the survey, and that is why Calico Jack’s was not open for the Pittsburgh game. We had Calico’s open for the Browns game 3 weeks before that, and only 10 fans utilized it. This resulted in the owners of Calico’s losing a lot of money, which is not good considering many of Calico’s owners do NOT own any part of McFadden’s. We didn’t want to jeopardize our relationship with the bar, and decided that we would only use Calico’s when we made the playoffs. It was fully 100% MY decision not to open Calico’s for the Pittsburgh game for this reason. We knew that our group would be much bigger next season, and the utilization of Calico’s space would be a must. Since we couldn’t guarantee a packed crowd in Calico’s for that game, I decided it wasn’t worth the risk of ruining our relationship with them for next season.

I guarantee you that plans are underway to make Calico’s have the same Bills atmosphere as McFadden’s next season. The Pittsburgh game has proven to us and McFadden’s that we’ve outgrown the bar, and we need to make both bars exciting atmospheres for our fans to watch our beloved Buffalo Bills! Stay tuned…

Marv Levy coming to McFadden’s?
Hall of Fame Buffalo Bills coach Marv Levy has contacted us and is excited at the idea of holding a book signing event with NYCBBB at McFadden’s in the near future. We are doing our best in working with the publisher to make this happen. We will let you know of more details as they become available. If you are planning on buying his book, we ask that you hold off until we find out more about this potential event.


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— Matt “talkin proud and still amazed at receiving a personal email from Coach Levy” Kabel