McFadden’s Survey

Hello all 885 Bills fans!

Now that the season has been over for over a week, are we feeling a little better now? I know I am! I’m fired up for the 2005 Buffalo Bills season!

We at NYCBBB took a one day rest after the season, and got right back into planning things for the off-season and next season! We will be meeting with McFadden’s leadership on Friday to discuss this past season and what can be improved upon. In order to help us determine what needs to be worked on, we have created this VERY simple survey. It has only 10 questions, and only 100 people can answer. Because of this, we ask that only those members that were at McFadden’s for AT LEAST ONE GAME THIS SEASON please answer.

Just click on the link and help us help you:

This survey is only related to this past season at McFadden’s. We will be sending another survey out in the near future about our tailgates, the trip to Buffalo, us, and all that other good stuff.

Help us…help you…

— Matt “talking proud and enjoyed our 1-day vacation” Kabel